Stash your Cannabis this Wedding Season

We’re reaching a stressful season for many the affianced out there… oh yes, you guessed it!  Wedding season, and it’s just around the corner.  As you can imagine it’s not exactly what one would call an easy-going time.  It’s tough for all parties whether you are a bride, groom, bridesmaid, maid of honor, best man, guest, caterer, decorator, photographer, etc.; there’s much to be done.   We put our heads together and thought, why wouldn’t we write about cannabis and weddings and where to keep your Stash… it’s beneficial to all parties involved, it’s a fun topic to learn about, and not many people have previously written on this topic.  So here goes… Cheers!

Wedding Planners and Cannabis

We understand that not all people are exactly in love with the idea of cannabis.  Especially at a wedding, not all of your people might be too thrilled on its presence.  However, a lot of people are finally getting used to the idea of it.  In fact, there are now wedding planners, who are now incorporating cannabis into their business and helping couples find the perfect way to add cannabis into their receptions.  They are so far doing this with with weed-bars, edible wedding cake, and even “pretty green flowers” hidden within the bouquets. It’s no joke, and it’s a great idea.  Why wouldn’t we let some of that stress fade away?  We think a wedding should be a huge stress free celebration for all parties involved; ESPECIALLY the bride and groom.

It all began in colorful Colorado.  A few different wedding planners were approached with cannabis ideas, and the planners took the ideas and ran with them.

 Here’s how those ideas panned out…

The Ever So Clever Weed Bar


The ‘Pretty Green Flower Bouquet’


Cannabis Boutonnière


The Edible Side of Things


For the Discreet Weddings

Let’s assume that you aren’t somebody who is planning or are in one of those weddings.  So many questions immediately come to mind.  What are you going to do with your cannabis?  Where will you put it that’s decently discreet?  When will you find the time to sneak away? We’ve come up with an awesome list of Stash Boxes and Containers.  Whether it’s for you or a gift for the wedding party.  Sit back and relax, we’ve got some ideas that’ll help.

Clever Stash Spots

  1.     Of course, we’ll start you off with our own Luxury Cannabis Storage, we’ve got two solid options, the first being our Locking Walnut Stash Box, and the second being our assortment of Discreet Leather Book Bundles.  Both of which are classy the first is simply and straight to the point, while our books have more options with different types and sizes.
  2. Who knows who will be riding in your car on the way to the wedding, what if its Great Grandma Sally?  Why not be extra safe?  This powerful magnetic case can hold on tight, on the OUTSIDE of your car all the way there. Such stealth!

3.      Nobody will find it suspicious if you have a hair brush in your bag, oh but wait… the handle comes off and there’s a secret compartment? Convenient!

4.    Here’s a good one for somebody who doesn’t have the time to make a purchase, deodorant.  It’s simple, take out the solid deodorant cut it in half, put your green in a bag under the deodorant, put the deodorant back, put the lid back on.  You’re good to go!

   5.      Cleaning Supplies? Coffee Creamer? Lipstick? Yeah that’s a thing, bring some Lysol, or air freshening spray, or even some hazelnut creamer, play it off like it was just something they asked you to grab for them.  BEWILD has an excellent line of options within the Diversion Can Stash Safes.

If you are planning on gifting any of these we recommend doing so at the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties so they are handy in time for the wedding, and nobody has any questions about your strange choice in gifts… um Sarah… why would you give the Bride a can of Lysol?