Beginners Guide: How to Roll a Joint

          The joint has been around since the late 1930s and thousands of smokers still partake in the act of rolling and smoking a joint every day. The ability to roll a joint or “j” is a valuable skill that every smoker should have in their repertoire but it can’t be learned overnight. Like any skill, being able to quickly roll a good long lasting joint will take a good deal of practice. In order to get your feet off the ground (pun intended) here are the basics:


1. Break down your cannabis

     This can be done a number of ways whether it be with your fingers, a pair of scissors, or using a grinder like god intended. All of these methods will work but unless you’re using a grinder you will have a much harder time keeping your joints packed tight which will affect your smoking experience and ultimately make your friends or significant others lose respect for you. Get yourself out of the stone(d) ages and get yourself a grinder. Trust me it’ll be worth it.


2. Choose your paper and make a filter (crutch)

     Choosing a paper is very important and finding the right one for you might take a bit of time. Papers are relatively inexpensive so you won’t break the bank testing out a few different ones. What you should think about when choosing papers is how likely it is to rip in the act of rolling, taste and whether it sticks in the specific places you’d like it to.

     A filter or crutch is most commonly made from a business card or some form of cardstock. Many papers will have their own crutch papers and are also inexpensive.

     Your crutch should be about half an inch long and can either be placed inside the j and rolled with the cannabis or can be added in after. I personally like to put it in after but it will most likely be easier to do it all at once.


3. Shape the joint

     Place your cannabis on top of your paper. If you want a cone shaped j you should taper your weed toward the filter. If you’d like a straight j you should try to have the amount of flower even throughout.


4. Press it down

     You’re going to want to condense the cannabis so that it’s in the general shape of how you’d like the end product to look. Using your thumbs and pointer fingers you will pick the j up and pack the flower down using a rolling motion until everything is consistently tight.


5. Roll and lick

     At this point you will have your thumbs rolling toward your fingers tucking the paper behind the weed starting from the crutch and going towards the open tip. While you’re tucking you should be licking the leading edge that has a visible glue on it and sealing your masterpiece as you go.


6. Pack it

     Once your j has been rolled you will need to pack the cannabis from the open tip down toward the crutch in order to give it a nice uniform feel.


7. Spark it and enjoy

Go ahead! You deserve it!


Additional information on how to choose a rolling paper thanks to our friends at Greencamp!


Article written by: Ron Wall

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